With 15 years experience, Orkun has developed a widespread expertise and has worked with various agencies and corporate clients across the UAE and Turkey. He puts his creativity to work by using unique lighting skills and cutting edge digital post-production techniques.

His work involves and is not limited to advertising photography, food photography, architectural photography, archaeological photography, landscape photography, product photography, pack photography and jewelry photography. Some of the clients he worked with are: Alokozay, Homes R us, Birkenstock, Liali Jewelry, Devji jewelry and Citymax Hotels.

In a world where design determines the success of your product, professional photography is a vital element for any business. Studies have proven that people buy a product based on their perception of that product.

Orkun offers a different perspective that brings out the uniqueness of any product. His passion for photography will surely make your product stand out in a highly competitive market.

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