Month: May 2017

Photography for LUMEE Street Food Restaurant based in Manama, BAHRAIN
May 19, 2017

LUMEE Street Food Restaurant based in Manama, BAHRAIN. I did several food photography for their other restaurants brands since 5 years. LUMEE has an unique, fantastic and crazy delicious food.very young, open minded for new look and creative in every project. He doesn’t want his menus like famous worldwide brands copy, his food is definitely different from them and has to be different look too. He loves to travel around the world and wherever he goes from UK to Japan he buys props, we had hundreds of props. The shooting took 7 days, and at the end we were out of all props, used almost all of them for this menu shoot. I think he has to make another world tour ?

These are some of the props we used


Next to Lumee, they have one more place which they took it and under renovation for a new restaurant concept. Hopefully we will do another new shoot for this menu soon. I can’t share what is the new restaurant, top secret ?

This is not a studio, like a construction area, we could’t have an option because we need kitchen, chefs and cook the food fresh, can’t do this in a studio. Also have to see all props and choose for each dish. Shooting was like improvisation, not planned too much.

I used double shot espresso to make stain on concrete dirty floor. I got an amazing effect more than I expected, liked it a lot. Concrete & Italian Espresso!


Here is how image looks at preparation, before shoot.



And the images looked like that.

And the images looked like that.



We used some other backgrounds too. And wanted to make some life style look, used client’s hands. He is passionate about his work. He loved to be my hand model, we didn’t hire hand model ?
This is breakfast, people ask me why it is blue? We did morning light effect, that’s why it is blueish ?



The shooting took our 7 working days and editing took 9 days. Total 16 days for 113 images.

I have many restaurant clients. Most serve similar foods, but my photos has to be different for each, because they pay me. I never ever afraid of exploring, experimenting, sharing new ideas. I focus my work at the shooting,  Focus the job, keep it simple and clean.

Food photography for India Palace Restaurant
May 19, 2017

This is the food photography for India Palace restaurant. The shooting took 4days in Abu Dhabi. We had amazing food stylist and thousand of props for prop styling. We made many different shots tandoor, kebab, seafood, vegetarian, biryani, kadai cuisine, curry kitchen. All were very delicious and we made them look beautiful. This is the purpose of food photography. Many restaurant owners still don’t know the value of food photography and food styling. I see many menus. They looks like yellow pages. Name of the dish and the price. I don’t know what to order ! Dubai is very multi national, hundreds of nationalities living together, but we are not familiar with different cuisines. Also each restaurant creating their own dish and recipe, with different styling and side dishes, but again many of them prefer to explain to customers with text. Not with a photograph. Customer has to visualize how the image looks like in their brain. Rather than seeing and ordering. No problem owner and the chef knows what is the food and how it looks like. Thats enough!

Food photography is promoting your  service to existing and new customers. This is not a waste of money. This is investment and marketing of your business. Attracting and inviting new customers to restaurant.

Market is so competitive for everyone. Who will survive? Only professionals and people who love their business.

Till 2020 Expo Dubai, more than 500 new restaurants are going to open in Dubai. Where is your position now ?

Please check out the video how good images takes time and difficult to get. Which is not only a click ?

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