This is the food photography for India Palace restaurant. The shooting took 4days in Abu Dhabi. We had amazing food stylist and thousand of props for prop styling. We made many different shots tandoor, kebab, seafood, vegetarian, biryani, kadai cuisine, curry kitchen. All were very delicious and we made them look beautiful. This is the purpose of food photography. Many restaurant owners still don’t know the value of food photography and food styling. I see many menus. They looks like yellow pages. Name of the dish and the price. I don’t know what to order ! Dubai is very multi national, hundreds of nationalities living together, but we are not familiar with different cuisines. Also each restaurant creating their own dish and recipe, with different styling and side dishes, but again many of them prefer to explain to customers with text. Not with a photograph. Customer has to visualize how the image looks like in their brain. Rather than seeing and ordering. No problem owner and the chef knows what is the food and how it looks like. Thats enough!

Food photography is promoting your  service to existing and new customers. This is not a waste of money. This is investment and marketing of your business. Attracting and inviting new customers to restaurant.

Market is so competitive for everyone. Who will survive? Only professionals and people who love their business.

Till 2020 Expo Dubai, more than 500 new restaurants are going to open in Dubai. Where is your position now ?

Please check out the video how good images takes time and difficult to get. Which is not only a click ?

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